Sunday, 23 October 2016

Collegiate Church, Castle and Old Town of Quedlinburg

With several designated stops along the Romanesque Road, Quedlinburg is famous for the timber-framed buildings and the castle hill

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Quedlinburg is a town situated just north of the Harz mountains, in the district of Harz in the west of Saxony-AnhaltGermany. In 1994, the castle, church and old town were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The town of Quedlinburg is known to have existed since at least the early 9th century, when there was a settlement known as Gross Orden on the eastern bank of the River Bode. It was first mentioned as a town in 922 as part of a donation by King Henry the Fowler (Heinrich der Vogler).
The Quedlinburg castle complex, founded by King Henry I and built up by Emperor Otto Iin 936, was an imperial Pfalz of the Saxon emperors. The Pfalz, including the male convent, was in the valley, where today the Roman Catholic Church of St. Wiperti is situated, while the women's convent was located on the castle hill. - in: wikipedia

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