Thursday 3 November 2016

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai

This is a 2 in 1 postcard because it shows two UNESCO sites in just one image. At the left the Notre-Dame Cathedral in  Tournai and at the right one of the Belfries of Belgium. For now lets talk about the wonderful cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai
This postcard was sent by Natália

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai lies at the heart of the old city not far from the left bank of the Escaut. The present building is not homogeneous with regard to its chronology and conception, but the result of three coherent projects, completed and still distinguishable: the Romanesque nave and the transept, and the Gothic choir. The construction of the first two was for the greater part carried out in one go during the early 12th century; no major modification was made to the building during the following centuries, limiting its adaptations to the times.
It is difficult to associate the Cathedral with just one influence or school, but in its design and its elevations it presents layouts that influenced the development of early Gothic art. In particular, it is distinguished by a Romanesque nave of impressive dimensions and richly sculptured and by a transept with five towers that indicate the beginnings of Gothic art. The choir, rebuilt in the 13th century, is of pure Gothic style.
The dimensions of the transept adorned with five towers, is surely the most emblematic characteristic of the Tournai Cathedral. - in:

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