Saturday 19 May 2018

Strasbourg, Grande-Île and Neustadt

Stasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region. I had already spent a wonderful weekend in Colmar with my family, and this weekend we've been to Strasbourg. There are a lot of beautiful things to see but the cathedral is absolutely great! I believe that is the most beautiful cathedral I've ever seen. And I had a wonderful crêpe Strasbourgeoise in a crêperie right in front of the cathedral. I just couldn't find postcards of any of the buildings in the Neustadt

Strasbourg - Grande Île
This postcard was sent by João

The Grande Île is an island that lies at the historic centre of the city of Strasbourg in France. Its name means "Large Island", and derives from the fact that it is surrounded on one side by the main channel of the Ill River and on the other side by the Canal du Faux-Rempart, a canalised arm of that river
At the centre of the island lies Place Kléber, the city's central square. Further south is Strasbourg Cathedral, the world's fourth-tallest church and an ornate example of 15th-century Gothic architecture. At the western end of the island is the quarter of Petite France, the former home of the city's tannersmillers and fishermen, and now one of Strasbourg's main tourist attractions.
Besides the cathedral, the Grand Île is home to four other centuries-old churches: St. ThomasSt. Pierre-le-VieuxSt. Pierre-le-Jeune, and St. Étienne. Being the historical center of Strasbourg and thus the seat of worldly power it also houses the city's most imposing 18th-century hôtels particuliers and palaces, including the Palais Rohan. - in: wikipedia

Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, also known as Strasbourg Minster, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in StrasbourgAlsaceFrance. Although considerable parts of it are still in Romanesque architecture, it is widely considered to be among the finest examples of high, or late, Gothic architectureErwin von Steinbach is credited for major contributions from 1277 to his death in 1318.
At 142 metres (466 feet), it was the world's tallest building from 1647 to 1874 (227 years), when it was surpassed by St. Nikolai's Church, Hamburg. Today it is the sixth-tallest church in the world and the highest extant structure built entirely in the Middle Ages.

Strasbourg Cathedral

Protestant and Revolutionary iconoclasm, the war periods of 1681, 1870 and 1940–1944 as well as changes in taste and liturgy have taken a toll on some of Strasbourg Cathedral's most outstanding features such as the choir screen of 1252 and the successive high altars (ca. 1500 and 1682), but many treasures remain inside the building; others, or fragments of them, being displayed in the Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame.
The cathedral's south transept houses an 18-metre astronomical clock, one of the largest in the world. - in: wikipedia

Ponts Couverts

The Ponts Couverts are a set of three bridges and four towers that make up a defensive work erected in the 13th century on the River Ill in the city of Strasbourg in France. The three bridges cross the four river channels of the River Ill that flow through Strasbourg's historic Petite France quarter.
Construction of the Ponts Couverts commenced in 1230, and they were opened in 1250. As a defensive mechanism, they were superseded by the Barrage Vauban, just upstream, in 1690, but remained in use as bridges. As built, each of the bridges was covered by a wooden roof that served to protect the defenders who would have been stationed on them in time of war. These roofs were removed in 1784, but name Ponts Couverts (covered bridges) has remained in common use ever since. - in: wikipedia


Aubette is a historical building on Place Kléber in StrasbourgFrance. It was built by Jacques-François Blondel in 1765–1772. Between 1926 and 1928 it was redecorated by Sophie Taeuber-ArpJean Arp and De Stijl artist Theo van Doesburg. The work of the three artists had been called "the Sistine Chapel of abstract art". - in: wikipedia

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