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The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik

This cathedral is the most important architectural monument of the Renaissance in Croatia.

Cathedral of St. James
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The Cathedral of St. James in ŠibenikCroatia is a triple-nave basilica with three apses and a dome (32 m high inside) in the city of Šibenik. 

Cathedral of St. James
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The building of the church was initiated in 1402, though plans on its construction had already begun in 1298, when Šibenik became a municipality. The actual work to transform the older Romanesque cathedral began in 1431. Built entirely of stone (limestone from a nearby stone quarry and marble from the island of Brač), it was completed in three phases, from 1433 to 1441, when the Grand City Council entrusted the work to local and Italian masters Francesco di Giacomo, Lorenzo Pincino, Pier Paolo Bussato, Bonino da Milano, and Giorgio da Sebenico (Juraj Dalmatinac) and to Croatian ones Andrija Budčić and Grubiš Šlafčić. - in: wikipedia

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