Monday 16 October 2017

Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains

The six defensive works inscribed in this site show an unusual fusion of military and religious architectural techniques

Sarmizegetusa Regia
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Sarmizegetusa is the most important city in Orastie Mountains. The capital of former Dacian kingdom, the administrative, political and religious center dominates the heights from 1200 meters altitude, lying in the shade of the Godeanu Peak.
The fortress is built on five terraces, on an about 30,000 square meters area. It is surrounded by murus dacicus – three meters thick walls built using a Dacian ancient technique.
The most visited part of the fortress is the sacred area which includes seven visible sanctuaries, a paved road, an andesite sun and the defense towers. This is the area showing the original positions of the Dacian buildings. The walls of the entrance were built by Romans after conquering the city as part of a Roman castrum. - in:

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The fortress was built in two major stages. It has some storage rooms, four defense towers and an outside water tank. Inside you will find a particularly ingenuous input at that time: the enemy entered through the first tower and was forced against a wall to turn right, where the Dacian soldiers waited. Blidaru was considered the military school where Dacians prepared their soldiers. - in:

The 6 Dacian Fortresses (in red what I have):

  • Sarmizegetusa
  • Costesti-Cetatuie
  • Costesti-Blidaru
  • Luncani-Piatra Rosie
  • Banita 
  • Capâlna

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