Tuesday 26 April 2016

City of Potosí

Potosí used to be a sort of capital of silver during the period of the New World Spanish Empire.

Casa de la Moneda
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Potosí is a city and the capital of the department of Potosí in Bolivia. It is one of the highest cities in the world by elevation at a nominal 4,090 metres (13,420 ft). For centuries, it was the location of the Spanish colonial mint.

The National Mint of Bolivia (SpanishCasa de la Moneda de Bolivia) or the Mint of Potosí (in colonial era) is a mint located in the city of Potosí in Bolivia. It is from this mint that most of the silver shipped through the Spanish Main came.
The coinage minted during its period became so well known in the world that a saying, memorialized by Miguel de Cervantes came into use: valer un potosí, "to be worth a potosí" (that is, "a fortune"). - in: wikipedia

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