Tuesday 26 April 2016

Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Mount Qingcheng was the birthplace of Taoism

Shangqing Palace
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Mount Qingcheng, located in the southwest of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System of China in Sichuan Province, is one of the most famous Taoist mountains in China.
The Shangqing Palace was originally built in the Jin Dynasty; however, only a part of the buildings that were constructed in the Qing Dynasty remain. Fortunately, it is still an attractive sight where you can enjoy the unique natural scenery and historic heritages of China. - in: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/sichuan/chengdu/mt_qingcheng.htm

Dujiangyan Irrigation System
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Dujiangyan (Chinese都江堰pinyinDūjiāngyàn) is an irrigation infrastructure built in 256 BC during the Warring States period ofChina by the State of Qin. It is located in the Min River (Chinese岷江pinyinMínjiāng) in SichuanChina, near the capital Chengdu. It is still in use today to irrigate over 5,300 square kilometers of land in the region. The Dujiangyan along with the Zhengguo Canal in Shaanxi and the Lingqu Canal in Guangxi are known as “The three great hydraulic engineering projects of the Qin dynasty”. - in: wikipedia

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