Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Capital Cities and Tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom

This site includes 40 tombs: 14 tombs are imperial, 26 of nobles

Tomb of the General
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The Tomb of the General, also known as the Pyramid of the East, is thought to be the burial tomb of King Gwanggaeto or his son King Jangsu, both kings of a kingdom of Goguryeo.
The pyramid is located in Ji'an, Jilin province China, a former capital of Goguryeo. The pyramid was "rediscovered" in 1905. 
The base of the pyramid measures approximately 75 meters on each side, about half the size of the Egyptian pyramids and is eleven meters in height. The pyramid is composed of 1,100 dressed stone blocks. Large stones, each measure approximately 3 x 5 meters were placed around the base of the pyramid and can still be seen today. The monumental size of the tomb suggests that the Goguryeo elite were very powerful and the kingdom had the ability to mobilize large numbers of people for building projects.  - in: wikipedia

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