Thursday, 18 January 2018

Hattusha: the Hittite Capital

I have a couple of multi-view postcards that show a UNESCO site in one image and the other images are not part of the site. It is the case of this one, that besides Hattusha shows also others Çorum Province's views. I prefer when the postcards show only the protected area but until I get a better one this one will do.

Lion's Gate (in the top centre)
This postcard was sent by Onder

Hattusha: the Hittite Capital is located in Boğazkale District of Çorum Province, in a typical landscape of the Northern Central Anatolian Mountain Region.
The property consists of the Hittite city area, the rock sanctuary of Yazılıkaya on the north, the ruins of Kayalı Boğaz on the east and the İbikçam Forest on the south. A monumental enclosure wall of more than 8 km in length surrounds the whole city. There are remains of older walls around the lower city and section walls dividing the large city area in separate districts. The ruins of the upper city’s fortification form a double wall with more than a hundred towers and, as far as is known today, five gateways: two in the west, the Lion’s Gate in the south-west, the King’s Gate in the south-east and a procession gate, the Sphinx Gate in the south of the city.
The best-preserved ruin of a Hittite Temple from the 13th century B.C., known as Great Temple, is located in the Lower City. - in:

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