Sunday 8 May 2016

Ancient City of Aleppo

Unfortunately, is quite possible that the place shown in this postcard is no longer like that due to the war...

Aleppo Market
The Old City of Aleppo is the historic city centre of AleppoSyria. Many districts of the ancient city remained essentially unchanged since its construction during the 12th to the 16th century. Being subjected to constant invasions and political instability, the inhabitants of the city were forced to build cell-like quarters and districts that were socially and economically independent. Each district was characterized by the religious and ethnic characteristics of its inhabitants.
Many sections in the Al-Madina Souq and other medieval buildings in the ancient city were destroyed and ruined or burnt as a result of clashes between the pro-government forces and the rebel forces of the Free Syrian Army, in what is called the Battle of Aleppo, launched by the opposition FSA armed groups on 25 September 2012. In February 2014, the opposition groups of the Islamic Front claimed responsibility for destroying a series of major historic buildings being used as fortified bases by the Assad regime in the old city including the justice palace, the Carlton hotel and the old building of the city council. - in: wikipedia

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