Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Stari Ras and Sopoćani

I like heavy metal. When I wear a t-shirt of an heavy metal band I can easily make friends anywhere. I'm telling this because of the curious story that Sini tells in this postcard. When she visited this monastery the guide was being very formal until he knew she was from Finland and started asking questions about Finnish heavy metal bands! :)

Sopoćani Monastery
This postcard was sent from Finland by Sini

The Sopoćani monastery (Serbian CyrillicСопоћани), an endowment of King Stefan Uroš I of Serbia, was built from 1259 to 1270, near the source of the Raška River in the region of Ras, the centre of the Serbian medieval state. It is a designated World Heritage Site, added in 1979 with Stari Ras.
during the 20th century the monastery was restored and today it is settled by a thriving brotherhood of dedicated monks. The fact that most of the Sopoćani frescoes still shine with radiant beauty - surviving more than two centuries of extreme exposure to the elements. - in: wikipedia

I still don't have any postcard of Stari Ras

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