Monday, 13 November 2017

Golden Mountains of Altai

It's not always easy to see  if the image shown in the postcard is part of the UNESCO site or not. In the case of this first postcard I'm not exactly sure, but the others I have no doubts

Kolyvan Lake
This postcard was sent by Lara

Kolyvanskoye lake, which stretches for 4 km, is a pearl of Mountain Kolyvan. It is one of the biggest lakes in the southwestern part of Altai Krai. Spurs of the lake begin with the rocky shores.
The lake is a natural monument of federal value. Being relatively small, it is famous for its pure water and granite rocks of intricate form (arches, columns, palaces, animals, human beings) – it all depends on the imagination of a person. The water is fresh and there are good sandy beaches. Once having splashed on the place of West-Siberian lowland, the lake is the result of joint efforts of waves of the ancient Mansijskoye Sea. - in:

Ukok Plateau
This postcard with amazing stamps was sent by Natalia

Ukok Plateau is a remote and pristine grasslands area located in the heart of southwestern Siberia, the Altai Mountains region of Russia near the borders with ChinaKazakhstan and Mongolia. The plateau is recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site entitled Golden Mountains of Altai as an important environmental treasure. It provides a habitat for many of the world's endangered species including one of its least studied predatory animals: the snow leopard. Other endangered species protected there include the argali mountain sheep, the steppe eagle, and the black stork. -  in: wikipedia

Multinsky Lakes
This postcard was sent by Alena

Multinsky lakes are one of the most beautiful places of the Altai region. The lakes are situated on macro face of Katun edge, in the upstream of Multa river. In the valley of lakes are towering snow-capped peaks which are reflected in their emerald-clear water. - in:

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