Sunday 12 November 2017

Landscapes of Dauria

This site is shared by Mongolia and Russia and these three nice postcards show cute animals in that region. However doesn't specify in which country they are, but since they were sent from Russia I'll assume they are from there. So, I still need a postcard from Mongolia.

Landscape of Dauria

Shared between Mongolia and the Russian Federation, this site is an outstanding example of the Daurian Steppe eco-region, which extends from eastern Mongolia into Russian Siberia and northeastern China. Cyclical climate changes, with distinct dry and wet periods lead to a wide diversity of species and ecosystems of global significance.

Landscape of Dauria

The property provides key habitats for rare fauna species such as the White-naped Crane, the Great Bustard and millions of other vulnerable, endangered or threatened species of migratory birds.

Landscape of Dauria
These postcards were sent by Vera

The property is also an important area on the migration route of the Mongolian Gazelle (Dzeren) and the only place where this species is known to breed in the Russian Federation. The property also provides sanctuary to both endangered Tabargan and Mongolian Marmots, as well as to the near-threatened Pallas Cat. - in:

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