Sunday, 11 October 2015

Burgos Cathedral

When we came to Switzerland in 2012 we stopped in Burgos to lunch, to see the cathedral and, of course, to buy postcards :) This year we went to Portugal by car and we stopped in Burgos again. The first two postcards I bought them in the first time, the other two I bought them this last time.

Burgos Cathedral
 Burgos Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral de Burgos) is a Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral in Burgos, Spain. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is famous for its vast size and unique architecture. Its construction began in 1221 and it was in use as a church nine years later but work continued off and on until 1567. It was primarily built in the French Gothic style, although Renaissance style works were added in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Burgos Cathedral
 The cathedral was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on October 31, 1984. It is the only Spanish cathedral that has this distinction independently, without being joined to the historic center of a city (as in Salamanca, Santiago de CompostelaÁvila, Córdoba, Toledo, Alcalá de Henares or Cuenca) or in union with other buildings, as in Seville.

Burgos Cathedral
 The construction of the cathedral was ordered by King Ferdinand III of Castile and Mauricio, the English-born Bishop of Burgos. Construction started on the site of the former Romanesque cathedral on July 20, 1221, beginning at the chevet, which was completed in nine years.
The high altar was first consecrated in 1260, then there was a lengthy hiatus of almost 200 years before construction was recommenced. The cathedral was completed in 1567, with the completion of the lantern spire over the main crossing (which rises above a delicate openwork star vault).

Burgos Cathedral, Portada de la Coronería and Plaza Mayor

The north transept portal, known as the Portada de la Coronería, has statues of the Twelve Apostles. Above, ogival windows and two spires crown the portal. On the south portal, the portada depicts the evangelists at their writing desks. - in: wikipedia

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