Thursday, 8 December 2016

Historic Monuments of Dengfeng in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth”

According with UNESCO "the historical monuments of Dengfeng include some of the best examples of ancient Chinese buildings devoted to ritual, science, technology and education".

Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple
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The Pagoda Forest at Shaolin Temple refers to a number of stone or brick pagodas (temples or sacred places) built in Henan province, China from 791 AD during the Tang Dynasty through the Song DynastyYuan DynastyMing Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty.
The pagoda forest in Shaolin stands at the foot of Shaoshi Mountain and is one of the largest pagoda forests in China. It was named a National Scenic Spot in 1996. - in: wikipedia

The monuments (in red what I already have):

  • Taishi Que Gates, Zhongue Temple
  • Shaoshi Que Gates
  • Qimu Que Gates
  • Songye Temple Pagoda
  • Architectural Complex of Shaolin Temple (Kernel Compound, Chuzu Temple, Pagoda Forest)
  • Huishan Temple
  • Songyang Academy of Classical Learning
  • Observatory

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