Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Historic City of Ahmadabad

India has a lot of UNESCO sites but only in 2017 had its first World Heritage City

Kirti Stambh, Hutheesing Temple
This postcard was sent by K R Bhat

Hutheesing Temple is the best known Jain temple in Ahmedabad in GujaratIndia. It was constructed in 1848.
The main building is double-storied. The moolnayak is marble image of the 15th Tirthankara, Lord Dharamnath. The main temple houses 11 deities, six in basement and five in three bay sanctuary. The main shrine lies on the east and temple is covered with a big dome supported by twelve ornate pillars. In addition there are 52 shrines (devakulikas), each adorned with an image of a Tirthankara. The secondary shrines form a long gallery its three sides.
The front is exquisitely ornamented by a 'dome' shaped structure.
The temple has a unique Manastambha (or column of honour) inspired by the Jain Manastambha and the Kirtistambha at Chittore in Rajasthan. - in: wikipedia

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