Thursday, 22 November 2018

Naumburg Cathedral

The Naumburg Cathedral is remarkable specially for the life-sized sculptures situated in the western choir

Naumburg Cathedral
This postcard was sent by Ina

Naumburg Cathedral (GermanNaumburger Dom St. Peter und St. Paul), located in Naumburg, Germany, is the former cathedral of the Bishopric of Naumburg-Zeitz. The church building, most of which dates back to the 13th century, is a renowned landmark of the German late Romanesque. The west choir with the famous donor portrait statues of the twelve cathedral founders (Stifterfiguren) and the Lettner, works of the Naumburg Master, is one of the most significant early Gothic monuments. - in: wikipedia

Margrave Ekkehard II and Uta
This postcard was sent by Doris

The Stifterfiguren (donor figures) by the artist called Naumburger Meister (Master of Naumburg) are probably the best-known work of art in the cathedral and are often referred to as the best-known work of early Gothic sculpture in Germany. Situated in the western choir, the twelve life-sized sculptures (eight men and four women) show nobles who were among the founders of the cathedral. - in: wikipedia

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