Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage of Sawahlunto

This is another of three sites related with mining that were inscribed in 2019. This one consists of 12 different locations

Coal Processing Plant Compound
This postcard was sent by Shinta

Built for the extraction, processing and transport of high-quality coal in an inaccessible region of Sumatra, this industrial site was developed by the Netherlands’ colonial government from the late 19th to the beginning of the 20th century with a workforce recruited from the local population and supplemented by convict labour from Dutch-controlled areas. It comprises the mining site and company town, coal storage facilities at the port of Emmahaven and the railway network linking the mines to the coastal facilities. The Ombilin Coal Mining Heritage was built as an integrated system that enabled the efficient deep-bore extraction, processing, transport and shipment of coal. - in:

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