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Changdeokgung Palace Complex

The buildings of Changdeokgung complex blend with the natural topography of the site instead of imposing themselves upon it.

Changdeokgung Injeongjeon Hall
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Injeongjeon Hall is the main hall at Changdeokgung Palace. It was used by the king and officials for conferences and as a meeting point with visitors. Foreign envoys would meet the king at this location when they arrived at the palace.
Originally built in 1405, it was twice destroyed by fire, once in 1592 and again in 1804. Both times it was rebuilt.
The royal walkway and courtyard, dating back to 1609, can be seen in front of the hall.
The area surrounding the courtyard was used for storage and for royal guards as they protected the king and the residence. - in:

Seonjeongjeon Hall
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Seonjeongjeon Hall is where the king would meet with high ranking officials at Changdeokgung Palace to discuss political, state, and palace affairs. At his convenience, the king and his officials would hold seminars and have morning meetings. He would discuss royal issues and other national affairs.
The colonnaded area which surrounds the building was used for storage and for secretary offices. A narrow corridor leads to Seonjeongmun Gate. This corridor was used during royal funerals when Seonjeongjeon Hall served as a royal shrine. This corridor is the only remaining evidence of its function during funerals.
The roof of the structure is the only existing blue tiled palace roof. - in:

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