Monday, 24 April 2017

Tusi Sites

There are three Tusi sites inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. So far I have two

Laosicheng Tusi Domain
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The Tusi Site of Laosicheng is located in Sicheng Village of Lingxi TownYongshun CountyHunan ProvinceChina.
Located by the riverside of Lingxi River, the upstream section of Niulu River which is the second-level tributary of You River, Laosicheng site is the first world cultural heritage site in Hunan province, and also the largest, earliest and best-preserved ancient Tusi city in China. The relics unearthed included the Hall of Patriarch, Patriarch Temple of the Peng clan, the tombs of Tusi chieftains, ancient streets, ancient city walls, memorial arches, bronze bells and stone horses. it is known as a sacred place of the Tujia culture. - in: wikipedia

Tangya Tusi Domain
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The Tusi Site of Tangya is located in Tangya TownXianfeng CountyHubei ProvinceChina. It is one of the three Tusi sites designated by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, On July 3, 2015. The site is the historic capital of Qin clan Tusi of Tangya, the Qin clan were the rulers of the Tangya Tusi and hereditarily governed a territory of 600 square kilometres (230 sq mi) for four centuries in the modern-day Xianfeng County. As the capital, the site was built in 1355 (late Yuan dynasty) and abandoned in 1755 (Qing dynasty). - in: wikipedia

The three sites (in red what I have):
  • Site of Laosicheng Tusi Domain
  • Site of Tangya Tusi Domain
  • Site of Hailongtun Tusi Fortress

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