Monday, 9 October 2017

Pre-Hispanic Town of Uxmal

This is another site from which I'd love to have a real image instead of a painting. Or several, since there are a lot of wonderful monuments of the Maya culture in Uxmal

Nunnery Quadrangle, Uxmal
This postcard was sent by Marco

Uxmal is an ancient Maya city of the classical period in present-day Mexico. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture, along with PalenqueChichén, and Calakmul in Mexico, Caraco land Xunantunich in Belize, and Tikal in Guatemala.

The Nunnery Quadrangle (a nickname given to it by the Spanish; it was a government palace) is the finest of Uxmal's several fine quadrangles of long buildings. It has elaborately carved façades on both the inside and outside faces. - in: wikipedia

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