Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Medina of Tunis

The guided tour to Carthage also included a visit to the Bardo Museum, to Sidi Bou Said and to the Medina of Tunis. Once again, to see everything in the Medina the best way is to go on your own, but is quite possible to get lost. It's huge and crowded. I was slightly disappointed because we barely saw the Zitouna Mosque. But the biggest disappointment was 14 postcards out of 20 that I sent and did not reach the destination yet. Maybe they still arrive but I'm losing hope...

Medina of Tunis

The Medina of Tunis is the Medina quarter of Tunis, capital of Tunisia
The Medina contains some 700 monuments, including palacesmosquesmausoleumsmadrasas and fountains dating from the Almohad and the Hafsid periods.
Founded in 698 around the original core of the Zitouna Mosque, the Medina of Tunis developed throughout the Middle Ages. The main axis was between the mosque and the centre of government to the west in the kasbah. To the east this same main road extended to the Bab el Bhar. Expansions to the north and south divided the main Medina into two suburbs north (Bab Souika) and south (Bab El Jazira). - in: wikipedia

Mosque of El-Zituna

Ez-Zitouna Mosque or Ezzitouna Mosque or Mosque of El-Zituna (literally meaning the Mosque of Olive) is a major mosque in TunisTunisia.
The mosque is the oldest in the Capital of Tunisia and covers an area of 5,000 square metres (1.2 acres) with nine entrances. It has 160 authentic columns brought originally from the ruins of the old city of Carthage. The mosque is known to host one of the first and greatest universities in the history of Islam.
Ez-Zituna was the second mosque to be built in Ifriqiya and the Maghreb region after the Mosque of Uqba in Kairouan. The exact date of building varies according to source. - in: wikipedia

Porte de France

Bab el Bhar ("the sea gate"), also known as Porte De France (the gate of France), is a city gate in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. It marks the separation between the Medina of Tunis and the European city. The gate is made up of a lowered archway and topped by a crenellated parapet. - in: wikipedia

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